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    Routine of a champion... comments?

    Just kidding, its just my own routine that I'd like some comments on. First off, a little background: I'm a 19 year old natural BBer with 9 months of serious training under my belt. Measurements are small, as I've been cutting for what seems like forever. Started at in March at 207 lbs at approx. 16-17% bodyfat, down to 180 lbs (carb depleted) at 11-12% bf.

    Chest: 43"
    Arm: 14.5"
    Leg: 24.5"
    calf: 15"
    waist: 33"
    Measurements were taken today in a glycogen depleted state.

    Now, on to the routine:

    Monday: Chest/biceps
    3 sets incline db press - 6-10 reps
    3 sets pec-deck - 12-15 reps
    3 sets flat db press - 6-10 reps
    2 sets flyes - 12-15 reps
    1 set cable cross-over - rep out
    3 sets barbell curls - 6-10 reps
    3 sets barbell preacher curls - 8-12 reps

    Tuesday: Back/grip
    4 sets deadlifts - 6-10 reps
    4-5 sets of chins - as many reps as I can do
    3 sets barbell rows - 6-10 reps
    2 sets cable rows - 12-15 reps with a drop set
    racks hold & farmer's walk

    Wednesday: off or cardio if I'm up to it

    Thursday: Shoulders/traps/tris
    3 sets shoulder db press - 6-10 reps
    3 sets wide grip upright rows - 10-12 reps
    3 sets lateral raises - 12-15 reps; this is supersetted with upright rows
    2 sets bent over laterals - 12-15 reps
    3 sets db shrugs - 12-15 reps
    3 sets close-grip bench - 6-10 reps
    3 sets skullcrushers - 6-10 reps

    Friday: Legs/abs
    3 sets squats - 15-20 reps
    2 sets leg press - 12-15 reps
    3 sets stiff legged deads - 10-12 reps
    3 sets leg extensions - 12-15 reps
    3 sets leg curls - 12-15 reps
    3 sets calf raises - 30 reps
    2 sets seated calf raises - 30 reps

    weekends: off or cardio

    Any comments? I'm looking to lose more bodyfat; cardio is done 3-4 days per week for 30-45 minutes per session. Sometimes I do HIIT for around 20 minutes. Currently on a cyclical keto diet with 2 carb-up meals a week, usually on Wednesdays and Fridays. Calories are kept to 10-12 kcals/lb of bodyweight. I eat around 50-60 g of fibrous carbs, 180-200g of protein, and the rest fats. Not included in daily calories is a post-workout shake which includes 35-40g of carbs, as well as 40-50 g of protein.

    Let me know what you guys think!

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    your biceps workout on monday will get in the way of your back workout on tuesday because back (chinups) indirectly train the biceps -- which in your case will be fatigued already (if not sore) and not allow you to go as heavy as you'd need for progress.

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    I agree, doing biceps together with back would be a lot better!

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    good rule of thumb is 12 sets per body part

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    looks good but you should switch up your routine every couple monthes

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