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    Crazy chest problems!!!!!!

    ok, here's the deal. My left side of my body is stronger then the right!
    Even when I look in the mirror there is a big difference in the size of my left chest compared to my right. The left side is so much more developed. My left bicept is also bigger then the right. So I got off the bench press and went to dumbell presses so each arm has to lift the same amount. I tried and tried but I really couldn't get a good workout just using dumbells. I really feel the burn when I do barbell bench presses! I had a friend tell me it looked like I was pressing my right shoulder out when I lifted so I was using more shoulder then chest. So I have been working on that now! I also went back to benching but I had my spotter put a finger under the bar on the left side to make it easier for the left side and harder for the right. It didn't work. I thought I was stressing my right chest more by doing this but the next day my left side was more sore then the right. I see gains in my left but nothing seems to be happening on the right. You would think something would change. I can't lift a barbell with just my left side! The right has to be doing something. I am also right handed if that helps. This has been a problem for years. Whats wrong with me? Please help. Sorry for the long message!

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    The only way to remedy is free weight dumbells it will take a long time but it the only way. Ensure you technique is correct and equal on both sides. The dumbells must come up and down at the same time to avoid compensation

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    Your form will help if your doing it right, but pretty common for one side to be different than other, but usually about 1/2" or less

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