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    Post WEIGHT TRAINING Q & A (flat chest)

    With Bob Myhal
    Q: I train my chest very hard, my bench press is pretty high for someone my size, but my pecs are flat. Should I do more reps, more sets, or what? What am I doing wrong?

    A: Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again: unless youíre a freak of nature or using a lot of juice, youíll NEVER build a first-rate chest by featuring barbell flat bench presses. Powerlifting is one thing; bodybuilding is something else altogether.

    To fully work your pecs, you need to isolate them. While the bench press is a good way for beginners and intermediates to start building some mass, itís not a very good exercise for developing the pectoral depth and separation that are the hallmark of a top physique.

    If youíre not quite ready to give up those barbell flat bench presses for inclines and dumbbells, hereís a simple change you can make in your program to pre-exhaust your pecs and spark new development.

    After a thorough warm-up, start your chest training with dumbbell flyes. Yes, FLYES. But thatís a finishing exercise you say. Oh ye of little faith. Itís an isolation movement, and isolation is what we want.

    Be sure to take your triceps entirely out of the movement. Move your arms in a very wide arc, and squeeze your pecs hard at the top. In the top position, you should almost feel like youíre hugging a big tree (just humor me). Use the heaviest weight you can while still maintaining good form for 8-12 reps.

    After 2-3 sets of flyes, then go to the bench press. Youíll have to forget about poundage and focus on pump. Your pecs will be fatigued, so you wonít be able to lift the usual amount, but youíll get a terrific pump and youíll feel the difference.

    Try this for 2-3 weeks and youíll notice some significant improvement in your chest development.

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    good post, D, Arnold used to say same thing.

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    If you can try to find one of thsoe slides that the aerobics classes use., and put the little booties on your hands and in a pushup position do the motion of cable crossovers touching your chest to the slide then returning w/ your hands together

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