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    Fat burning muscle building question..i need help!

    What is the best way to loose fat and put on a lot of muscle mass? Like what supplements? How much rest in between sets? How much Cardio? Lotta reps i know but fast or slow? Thanks

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    Everybody is different in this regard...but what worked for me was that intense training, heavy weights and about 70 -90 sec sets
    and about 30 mins of cardio 4 times a week first thing in the morning. Just stack up a good protein powder and control your carbs....remember to take a shake of ABOUT 30- 40 grams of protein before bed and upon rising.
    See how this goes and let me know

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    To do both cut and bulk at once is going to be very difficult because training and diet are different for each goal.

    Find out what you want most with your physic right now and work towards that.

    If you are naturally skinny you probably want to bulk up first. Where as me I tend to carry fat easy so I'm trying to cut down then bulk up from there. Once you decide what you want to do use the search and read up there is plenty out there.

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    if you are fat like me then do this my stats are 5'11" 256 30%BF

    35 mins cardio at your target heart rate on non weight days
    25 mins cardio at your target heart rate on weight days post workout

    weights m,w,f

    Maybe not the best workout but it seems to be defining me just a bit and burning the fat off.

    eat 6 meals a day, mind the carbs, they are your friend just not too much. Eat plenty of lean meats,chicken.

    make sure you take a good multi vit atleast twice a day along with flaxseed 2-3 times a day (include in a shake, its nasty)

    thats my 2 cents, not perfection but a good base to work from.

    hehe keeps this fat boy working hard, lol

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