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    2 shoulder presses necessary

    Here's my currnet shoulder routine:

    Hammer Machine Behind-Neck Shoulder Press (and/or) Dumbbell Shoulder Press (2x6)
    Standing Side Dummbbell Lateral Raise (2x10)
    Cable Side Lateral Raise (2x10)
    Seated Bent Over Lateral Raise (2x10)
    Standing Front Dumbbell Raise (2x10)

    My question is, should I perform both Hammer shoulder presses with Dumbbell shoulder presses in one session? If so, which exercise should I do first?

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    Bro IMO I would stay away from doing behind the neck presses or exercises. If you want o continue to lift for a long time, it is recommended to do them in the front.However, this is JMO. I use to do them behind the neck and I was shocking my shoulders, I move to the frint and they have never felt better. And they even grew quicker as well.

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