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    high or low reps

    I've been told different things on this but for putting on mass, is it better to do a low amount of repitions with more weight or high reps with less weight.

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    Heavy weight 6-8; or even 10 to failure, If you can get 8 each set at the same weight, then you need to up it.

    If your wanting to cut-up you can up your reps with lighter weight, When i first started working out, i was doing hella reps, but i was not gaining any, i got stronger, but not bigger. After a while i started to notice that i was getting a few cuts that i didn't have before. Anyway that is how i learned. I wish i had those cuts now.

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    Light weight with higher reps will build endurance a small amount of strength, but contrary to popular belief, using light weight will NOT spot reduce! The concept of becoming "toned" through the use of light weights isn't through the usage of the light weight training, but rather through the cardio that one goes through to become lean.

    Heavy weight with low reps is always the way to go. You'll get way stronger, bigger, and even more cut (if cardio is done) than a person using light weight dumbbell exercises. Unfortunatley, endurance will not be built as much as light weight, so try to fit in a light training regimen once a week or do some pushups every night.

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    I agree low reps are the way. I have a hell of a time putting on mass i find when i go as low as 4 reps it works better for me.
    heavy weight builds big bodys!

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    low reps with high weights man you should only be able to pull off about 4-6 reps per set with heavy weights if you are looking to put on mass.... GOOD LUCK!!

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