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    Critique my routine please

    I've recently switched to a 4-day split, and this is what I have been doing. I am not on gear, so I don't want to overtrain. Eating 3000cal a day. Should I do cardio while trying to bulk?


    Incline dumbell press, 4 sets
    Flat bench flies, 4 sets
    Hammer Strength Incline, 4 sets
    Cable Flies, 4 sets

    Close grip bench, 3 sets
    Push-downs, 3 sets
    Reverse grip push-downs, 3 sets (or dips)


    Bar rows, 4 sets
    Wide grip pulldowns, 4 sets
    Hammer strength, 4 sets
    Low pulley, 4 sets

    Barbell curls, 3 sets
    Seated dumbell curls, 3 sets
    Preacher curls, 3 sets


    Dumbell press, 4 sets
    Lateral raises, 2 sets
    Front raises, 2 sets
    Rear raises, 2 sets
    Shrugs, 4 sets
    Upright rows, 3 sets

    Squats, 4 sets
    Leg press, 4 sets
    Extensions, 4 sets
    Leg curls, 4 sets

    I do calves about 3 times a week, and abs 3 times a week. Calves consist of standing raises superset with seated raises, repeat 3-4 times. Good growth on the calves, they are bigger than my arms. Abs I can't see yet, so I have no idea how they look

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    Personaly i would thrown in either flat bench or flat db´s in the chest routine and not do shoulders the day after ive done my back. Also forget about front raises(i think you get enough from doing chest) and do military presses instead.

    But thats just what i think, do whatever works for you bro!

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    Your training routine looks pretty good. Personally, I don't ever do cardio because I would rather diet. If you are gaining more than 2 pounds a week, I would include cardio because your gains will be less lean. I'm sure you probably know that, so just look at the mirror and gauge your weight gain by that.

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