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    Had the Best Leg Workout EVER!!!!!!!

    Had to tell you about it cause it was just so beautiful. My legs are still shaking and its been about 45 minutes since i left the gym

    It all began with two pills.......Pure Energy that is.

    Warmed up on squats then went to do my first set. 245 for 12. Needless to say i haven't worked legs in 3 weeks and was struggling by 6. Took everything i had to get that last 6. I thought i was going to die. AND I HAD 3 SETS TO GO!! The next two painful sets were horrible, but that was nothing compared to my last set. The last set was 24 reps. I did it with 135 thinking i would get off easy. Yeah right. My legs were burning at 10. It hurt so bad. Finally the squats were over. I honestly think i could have left right there and grown, but i wasn't happy yet.
    Next i went to the leg extension machine. I think it's nautilus. Banged out 10 reps with 200. Not bad. Last set i did 220 for 10 but held the last five for a five count. Oh, that hurt so good!!! Was incredibly pumped.
    Then i proceeded to stiff legged deadlifts. Did 3 sets working up to 295 for 10 reps. My legs were so pumped.
    Standing Calf raises. First set-toes straight, Second set- toes pointed inward, Last set- toes pointed outward. Between sets i was doing deep facia stretches( i think that what you call them)
    Next came seated calves. i just loaded it up with weights. Didn't really care how much, just wanted it heavy. I did two sets of 30 reps, doing 10 fast,10 slow, then 10 fast. Extreme pumpage!!!!!!!

    Lets just say....I don't know how i made it to the care without tripping!!
    The best part is the looks i get while doing squats. After my hard sets, i stare at the guys with small legs that never do squats as if to say, " this is where the growth is at!

    All things considered, this is the best workout i have ever had and it was so hardcore i just had to tell you guys about it.

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    nice, i would do stiff leg dead lifts before leg curls, but it sounds like a great workout though

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