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    Who is right here?

    Ok I did a search on creatine and read a lot of different posts about it. What I found was a large difference in opinion when it comes to bloating.

    What I want to know is:
    Will creatine cause excessive bloating and cause someone to lose cuts?

    I was just measured at 190 lbs and 8% body fat yesterday. I am towards the end of a cutting diet and I am about to start bulking cleanly. I am thinking about using creatine. I want to keep my BF% close to where it is while bulking. I also dont want to look like the girl from Charlie and the Chocalate Factory either. Tell me what you guys think.

    Please help me out here!

    Thanks in advance......

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    Depends on the person. I usually gain about 5lbs of water bloat when using it so I pass on creatine and just eat a butt load of steakes when bulking.
    Your going to get mixed answers from everyone.

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    It also depends on your diet. I bloated like a mofo on creatine, I mean really bad.. The product puts more water in your muscles, and some folks react differently to that. However, I tried it after my AS cycle, which I was pretty lean, and still cardioin, and lifting, and I didn't bloat as much, but I was just coming off a winny cycle, so that could have made a difference. I guess it just depends on the person and your diet. I say try it, that is really the only answer.

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    i didn't bloat but gained 10lbs the first time i tried it ,no shit and i never lost a pound when i stop taking it ,but then again i was eating like there was no tomorow.
    I aggree it depends on the person ,as Sicilian30 says try it ,if it bloats you and you dont like it ,just get off ,no biggie.
    Good luck

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    I bloated a bit when I took it, and also lost about 5 pounds when I went off.

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