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    is it possible to move up on bench without going til failure?

    I've only gone up 15lbs on bench since last summer and am in desperate need of improvement. I usually train without a spotter(not by choice), so i cant really rep til failure. My chest work out consists of: barbell bench-135warmup set, 145X12, 155X10, 165X8, 175X6; incline dumbell-45X12,50X10,55X8,60X6; decline barbell-135X12,140X10,145X8,150X6; cable flies-45X12,55X10,65X8. my max bench is 235X1.
    I know its not a matter of sleep or nutrition, because i kick the squat racks ass everyweek, i move up on squat nearly everytime i work legs out. Its getting really frustrating, I really just started training hardcore with a structured workout 2 months ago, but ide still go to the gym and hit the bench atleast once a week. Maybe i should give my workout a few more months for results? or is it impossible to really gain strength without pushing your muscles to complete failure? I'm 17, 200lbs at 6'2; all advice and any input is appreciated, thanks alot.

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    I don't know about the other guys here, but when I was 17, my bench would not go up, no matter how hard I tried. Once I hit about 21, it just went nuts, and I could sometimes get 5-10lb increases a week.

    But, if I were you, I would not do so many light sets. Try doing a couple of high rep warm-ups and lots of stretching, then go straight to the heavier weights. Something like this:

    135 x 15 warm up
    165 x 8-10
    175 x 8
    175 x 6-8
    175 x 6

    When you are getting the 175lbs to like 10 reps, add some weight. I am doing a similar system with my own chest workout, and it seems to be working for me.

    Good luck.

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    Make sure you are changing up your routine regularly. Or else your body will adapt to the training, and you'll get nowhere. Interchange dumbbell flyes, pullovers, or even change your grip positions on you barbell presses. good luck

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    first yes you can get stronger in bench without going to failure--too many sets to failure in certain exercise you will tear something
    we very seldom go to failure we usually go till we have to have our spotter touch weight then we rack or even the rep before we need a touch--no reason to have a spotter doing deads over you
    does this work yes--i benched 445 doing this it went up when i stopped going to failure and learnt how to handle weights--dont get me wrong you must train heavy and intense but you do the weight not your spotter.
    another note my training partners,who actually taught me this,hit kickin weights.
    one hit a 600lb bench at 240 setting state of fla record and another hit i believe 505 at 19yo setting teenage record.
    second drop the cables if your trying to get a big bench they are for cut
    third do as padawan said pick a weight for 2- 3 sets at 5 all your warm ups and 8 rep sets then do your work sets and once you can get 5 reps on your worksets then go up in may be able to go up each week if your training right

    pm me and i will write you a bench and chest program that will make you bigger and stronger

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    i am 6.2 205lbs i usely do a 70lbsx8rep as a warmup then i up to 200 lbsx6 rep then i up to 220lbsx6rep then i hit my max bench for 3 rep today it was 250 lbs and it is incresing 20 lbs every 2 weeks

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    i love dips....i do dip burnouts try those....i use a close grip on the bench but its all personal preferrence..good luck dude

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    I'd say grab a spotter, just ask somebody. You'd be amazed how much more you put up when you have a stranger standing over top of you watching (especially if he's bigger than you) its almost like you don't want to look like a wimp. Your fight or flight will kick in and I guarantee you will put up more than usual just by having someone there.

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