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    Unhappy advice needed please reply

    Hi guy’s

    I don’t really have that much in common with you anymore, simply because I had to come off the juice, for health reasons. I had a good 2 year stint on and made some excellent gains, I came down from 17st to a nice and lean 141/2st whilst packing on some quality muscle, its quite a shame really because I was hoping to start competing a year or so afterwards….

    My best gains came from the last course I did at which I finished up on the above weight, this consisted of approx 4 ml Winstrol Depot, and 5ml of Testosterone Propianate (Viramone) in conjunction with a solid combination of Ephadrine and clen .

    My question is, although I appreciate having left the gear behind I will make nowhere near the gains I made whilst on it, I still want to look the part. Don’t get me wrong, I still have the same shape and have lost only a little size from everywhere on my body (only noticeable by me, nobody else).

    I have no problem with maintaining the size I have and even hopefully increasing over time, but my main problem now lies with my midriff. Since stopping the eph and clen and eating a few fatty meals I have put a little on around my waist. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a gut, I have very little body fat on my stomach, just two slight but annoying handles that hang over my trousers (only slightly).

    I just simply cannot seem to shake them off. Ive upped my cardio and go over what I eat with a fine toothcombe but this layer that sits over my abs wont shift. When on the juice it stripped down because of the ephadrine and clen, but now I am on my own.

    What I would like, is for an experienced builder on this site to give me some advice as to how to combat this naturally, I know its gonna take a lot longer without the eph and clen but It must be able to be done.

    I have listed below a typical week for me both training, cardio and diet. I would really appreciate some criticism on my present routine and diet etc. that will help me in my quest.. The only supplements I use is whey protein, I don’t want to have to use anything else e.g. hydroxocut or anything like that, I want to do it all naturally.

    Please feel free to chop/change and add to my current regime

    TRAINING – Mon. Back/bi’s Tue. Cardio/legs/shoulders Wed.Cardio Thurs. Chest/tri’s Cardio Sat.

    I also implement side bends and torso twists on every other day or so between training.

    DIET – 7:00am. 3x weetabix lightly sugared. 9:30am whey protein fruit and carb bar. 12:00
    Chicken/Tuna/Turkey meal 3:00 tinned beans & whey protein & various fruit 6:00
    Chicken/Tuna/Turkey/steak Meal. 9:00 cereal lightly sugared.

    In addition to my diet I take vitamin supplements.

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    I moved your thread to the workout section as that seemed the most likely place you would get the most response. Workout seems ok but I really believe that you may need to increase your cardio soemwhat. It is at 3 times a week and this is useually suffice however with any knowledge on your present diet, body comp. ect it is hard to tell.

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