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    Question Lower Abs Question

    Hey - wondering if some1 can give me some advice/tips on defining the lower abs. Started WO consistantly for the past year and have seen slow but steady gains/definition (no gear), but I can't seem to loose the excess fat on my lower abs. My upper abs are fine, they're pretty slim and have definiteion but it's like a fkn spare tire below that. Here's some info on my diet, routine, etc. :

    W/O: 6 day week, 5 on, 1 off: Let's say the W/O week starts on Mon.

    Mon: Chests 60-90 minutes (heavy)
    Tues: Cardio 45-60 min (mod to intense), Abs 30 min
    Wed: Bi's, Tri's 60-90 min (heavy)
    Thurs: Cardio 45-60 min (mod to intense), Abs 30 min
    Fri: Shoulders, Back 60-90 min (heavy)
    Sat: REST
    ------------------New Week---------------
    Sun: Chests 60-90 min (light)
    Mon: Cardio 45-60 min (mod to intense), Abs 30 min
    Tues: Bi's, Tri's 60-90 min (light)
    Wed: Cardio 45-60 min (mod to intense), Abs 30 min
    Thurs: Shoulders, Back 60-90 min (light)
    Fri: REST

    Then I repeat the cycle alternating heavy and light each week.
    My Ab routine consists of
    1) Hanging Leg Raises 3s/20r
    2) Crunches 3s/15r
    3) Leg Lifts 3s/20r
    4) Oblique Twists 3s/20r
    and I alternate btwn 2 more excercises, which ever ab machine is free

    My diets is pretty consistant during the weekdays:
    9am: Carnation Instant Breakfast Powder Mix (w/Water)
    10am: Either 2 banannas or 2 slices of whole weat/multi grain toast
    11am: 1 pint of water
    12pm: Lunch (either 1 Chicken breast, or 1 filet of grilled Salmon, Tuna
    2pm: 1 pint of Water
    3pm: Fruits (orange, Bananna)
    5pm: Usually a yogurt or yogurt drink or nothing
    7pm: Dinner (usually 1-1.5 cups of rice, and chicken/pork/fish)
    9pm: Gym
    11pm: EAS Myoplex Deluxe Bar

    On the weekends, I usually eat when I'm hungry. But I don't do the bad fast food shit. No Pizza, or Micky D's or any of that crap. It's pretty sporatic, but usually a sandwhich (turkey on whole wheat), sushi, etc.

    So, can someone tell me what the hell I'm doing wrong??

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    Diet looks ok, maybe a little light in protein. When do you train legs?

    Lower abs are the hardest to get, do have some pics we can see? Maybe give us a better idea of where you are at.

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    I guess protein intake isn't enough. I train my legs every 3 days. Only calves though (6s/8r @ 310lbs, 1s/20r @ 150lbs). I've trained my legs pretty good the last year and they're as big as i want them to get for now. Sorry no pic. If I do get them, I'll post it up

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    A lot of times lower abs are genetics
    Some tips to make your metabolism more effecient.

    1. Drop all bread carbs and replacce with oatmeal.
    2. Up your water intake to at least a gallon a day. Thirst is the last sign of dehydration and proper hydration will speed the metabolism 2-4%. Try slamming down two ice cold glasses right when you wake up before meals. This will tell your metabolism to wake up.
    3. Fruit is good for fibre value, but get fruit in the mornings so the sugars are burned off by the end of the day
    4. Look at the nutrition value on that EAS bar(sugar/fat/) and the carbs are most definately maltodextrin if their are many carbs. Need to switch that up with a slow release protein shake.

    Also, what time do you do cardio? Early morning before meals and after water consumption would be best, but at least an hour or two after a meal if on another part of the day.

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    I don't think I have a problem with Metabolism. I go @ least 2 times a day.. Every morning @ 930am and every evening, and usually inbetween after meals, so I shit alot!!! As for cardio, I do cardio @ 9pm which is about 1.5 hrs after eating. and then I have my myoplex bar.

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