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Thread: Squat Problem

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    Question Squat Problem

    whats up guys- the other day was my leg day and I was squating. I put 275 on(thats my max squat. right now) and on my first rep, going down I felt a good pull in the left mid of my back. Its bothered me before when using that specific muscle. Anyways i was on the floor for a bit so im gonna give it a few days to heal up but im not sure exactly what happened. Should I have warmed up with less weight? Used less weight in general? I asked a few friends and they said my back muscles might not be as good as my leg. and I should work back more? Any ideas or anything, im really not sure what to do or what happened. Check out the pic below i circled where i felt the pull.

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    The muscle that is tweaked is called the romboid (sp?). Mine will get knotted from time to time and it hurts like hell. A good deep tissue massage will fix it immediately (albeit painfully). It even hurts to breathe sometimes when my gets tweaked. The good news is that I doubt that you pulled a muscle.

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    Of course you should have warmed up bro. You started your squats with your max? You're askin to get hurt. Prob just a muscle strain, usually takes 7-10days to heal if so.

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    i'm with psycoswole on this one--WARM UP
    i do 2 sets bar then 2-3 sets 135 for reps as warm up sets before going up to moderate weight and then go heavy on squats-and my max squat is 550 for 3 reps.

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