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    Rotator Cuff Exercises (Jobes)

    For those with rotator cuff problems or those just trying to strengthen them. Here are some exercises that were created for baseball players that had undergone surgery for their rotator cuffs. I've been getting some questions about the excercises so I thought I'd share with everyone.

    Here is the full sight that you can check out for yourself.


    Exercises for the Rotator Cuff (Jobes)

    Dr. Gene Coleman, the Houston Astros Strength and Conditioning Coach, authored this essay during spring training, 2000.


    The rotator cuff consists of four small muscles that run from the shoulder blade (scapula) to the top of the upper arm (humerus). As a group, they stabilize the upper arm in the shoulder socket and allow it its range of motion. All throwing athletes, not just pitchers, need a strong, healthy rotator cuff. If for some reason, one or more of the rotator cuff muscles can't help stabilize the shoulder, most major motions of the shoulder become impossible. An unstable shoulder can lead to impingement, tendinitis, bursitis, tears, joint wear and pain. If you have an unstable shoulder, you can forget throwing, swinging, lifting weights or even reaching overhead.

    To maintain a healthy shoulder, do Jobe-type exercises (named for the Dodgers' team physician, Frank Jobe, MD) for the muscles of the rotator cuff muscles 3-4 times per week year-around. Do the exercises listed below with dumbbells. Little Leaguers should use 1-3 pound weights, high school and college athletes use 3-5 pound weights. Start with one set of 10 and gradually build to one set of 20.

    1. Forward Raise. Stand with arms at the sides and palms facing back. Keeping your arms straight, slowly raise your hands (dumbbells) to shoulder height with palms down. Pause and return.

    2. Lateral Raise. Stand with your arms at the sides and palms toward the body. Keeping your arms straight and palms down, slowly raise your hands (dumbbells) to shoulder height. Pause and return.

    3. Reverse Fly. Flex your knees slightly and bend forward at the waist until your chest is parallel to the floor. Let your arms hang down straight down with your palms forward and thumbs pointing away from your body. Slowly raise both hands (dumbbells) out to the side until they are even with your shoulders. Pause and return.

    4. Internal Rotation. Lie on your back with arms down by your sides. Flex (bend) your right elbow to 90 degrees and hold your elbow against your right side. Keeping your elbow against your side, slowly lower (external rotation) your hand (dumbbell) away from your side as far as you can. Pause and bring it back across the chest.

    5. External Rotation. Lie on one side with your knees bent. Bend the elbow of the top arm to 90 degrees and let your forearm and hand rest across your stomach. Keeping your elbow against your side, slowly raise (external rotation) the top hand (dumbbell) until it is straight up in the air. Pause and return.

    6. Supraspinatus Fly (Empty Can). Stand with both arms down by your sides and hands rotated inward as far as possible with thumbs pointing down. Keep your arms straight, slowly raise your hands (dumbbells) forward and out to the sides, as if pouring water out of a can. Do not lift higher than 600.

    7. Upward Rotation. Flex your knees slightly and bend forward at the waist until your chest is parallel to the floor. Pull your elbows back until your upper arms are even with your back. Bend your elbows and let your hands hang straight toward the ground with palms facing each other and thumbs up. Slowly raise both hands (dumbbells) straight up (upward rotation) until they are even with your shoulders. Pause and return.

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    Good post. Can always use some cuff work.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    Another good exercise for the rotator cuff...

    Start by lying on your stomach on a table or a bed. Put your left arm out at shoulder level with your elbow bent to 90° and your hand down. Keep your elbow bent, and slowly raise your left hand. Stop when your hand is level with your shoulder. Lower the hand slowly. Repeat the exercise.

    ...hope this is useful to strengthen or heal your rotator cuff...

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