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    Training routines from Arnold's encyclopedia

    I wonder what you all think of the routines Arnie sugguests in his encyclopedia.

    I decided to try the basic program. Previously, I trained for a year with a typical 3sets/5reps type of workout 3-4 times a week. Made some decent progress.

    Arnie suggests this:

    Mon/Thu: Chest/Back
    Bench, Inclines, Pullovers, Chins, BB rows, Deadlifts, Abs

    Tue/Fri: Shoulders Arms
    Clean and jerk, lateral raises, heavy upright rows, push presses, bb curls, db curls, tris extension, narrow grip bench, abs

    Wed/Sat: Legs
    Squat, Lunges, Leg curls, Calf raises, st leg dedlifts, good mornings, abs

    Dunno how accurate this is (writing from memory).

    Anyway, he suggests 4-5 sets and 10-12 reps for upper body and about 15 for legs.

    Most people Ive spoken to say this is all too much for anyone not chemically assisted. Indeed I am noticing that my 1RMs are way down, however, the body is shaping up nicely both in terms of definition and size. Only got severe soreness after the leg day the first week. Making some progress in poundages. Been at this program for 4 weeks after a month's break from bbing.
    So I wonder how effective is this program?
    BTW, I am 18, 7% bf, 6'1, 180 pounds. Consuming about 2500-3000kcals a day atm tho upping it soon, 300-350g protein.

    Ive been thinking of doing heavy and light days mebe. Going 3x4-6 on heavy days or summing. So mon Id do heavy bench, Wed heavy leg workout, Fri heavy shoulders and stick with high volume training in between those days.

    Any comments appreciated.



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    personally i do think thats a bit much. I like one body part a week done to the EXTREME. 4-5 days a week. if you feel you have a lagging body part sure double up on it till it catches up. but IMO the big indicator should be how exasted and burntout you feel. do not want to overtrain!!! need your rest!!!

    i actually tried a routine out for a while where i trained 4 days on and three days off. wasnt too bad?? the three days of really got you ready for the following week


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    Its sounds like you have been training for a lil over a year then ?
    I would switch to a 4 day a week program working each body part 1 time a week / excluding high rep muscles like abs and calves .... hit those twice a week ...split like mon , tues , thur, fri .... I dont know if cardio is in the works but mornings are best ... good luck

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    High joint exercises like clean and jerks, squats, etc need more recovery time between the sessions. It is really easy to get injured when doing too much power training. I'd consider splitting them up every other time you train those bodyparts. This routine (unless your on the juice) will surely overtrain you. For example:

    Bench on Monday will work your delts and then Tuesday you have clean and jerks (killing the delts)

    The whole routine is like that. If you want a good routine to go by pm me with your current routine and goals and I'llhelp you out.

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    Why change?

    Good call Dumbells,
    He is right on this one, clean and jerk, and other mass building power movements like squats require much more time for recovery. Years ago, I used the very same routine that you are speaking of. I do believe that the arms were worked on the same day as the chest in the routines that I saw. Arms, triceps in particular are secondary muscle groups that are worked throughout your chest routines. You stated that you are making good strentgh gains as well as in other areas. Why then would you want to change? I do have to agree that your routine is a bit much but if it is working for you maybe you can afford to run it another month or so. I would keep a very close eye on your lean muscle mass though, as over training can begin to burn muscle mass which is what you do not want.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. Ill consider the suggestions.
    Actually Ive been on this routine only a month. Been training 3-4 times a week previously.
    I think Ill stick with it a little longer. Then try something more reasonable.


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    I did that routine when I first started training, and it was tuff..

    I have gone with the one body part per week for about 2 years now, but after seeing that Pumping Iron Movie and joining the wonderful world of test...I think I'm gonna go ahead and try some of his routines...I really love how these guys looked back in the day and if it worked for him, them, I'm gonna give it a whirl again...I really think his stuff is too much for a natural body builder and a beginer, your definately walking a fine line with overtraining...but for the advanced body builder and one using enhancer's such as AS/AAS, I think this is the kind of training we all need to step up to. Most people don't train with intensity- which is why they look the same year after year, you gotta always keep your muscle's guessing and shock the shit outta them to promote growth...

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