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    Increased workouts on AAS?!? Please help!?!

    first cycle d-bol only, kept same schedule only increased sets
    mon-chest (from 16 to 20 total set)
    tues-back (17 to 21)
    wed-legs (23 to 25)
    thurs-shoulders/traps (20 to 22)
    fri-bi/tri (25 to 30)

    next cycle, eq, d-bol, maybe some test, winny
    mon/thurs-chest, shoulders, tri
    tues/fri-back, traps, bi
    =going to do less total sets per bodypart per workout
    chest(16), shoulders(12-15), tri(12), legs(30), back/traps(20), bi(9-12)

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    eastern Canada
    hey bro don't do extra workouts on a cycle use the recovery time + the AAS to grow even more.

    As for your cycle not sure what your dosages are but I'd DEFINATELY throw some test in there.


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    Jul 2002
    have everything but the test, my source has already ordered omna amps, throwing them in, havent started cycle yet

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    you would be better off sticking with old workout than doing new one.
    i got my biggest-(now at 242 at 5'10") when i dropped to 3 days per week doing monday--chest/shoulders/tris,wednesday doing--back/traps/bis and friday doing--legs
    thats it and i do a total of 10-12 sets chest,4 sets shoulders and 4-6 sets tris. with other body parts i do 10-12 sets back,4 sets traps,6 sets bis,10 sets legs this is counting warmups.
    train intense and heavy and make every set like its your last and let your body rest that is when it grows.

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