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    what should i do?

    ok i whant to gain muscle and keep my body fat down iam 175 at11%
    but i havent realy done any cardio i used to play when should i do cardio for how long i my qwestion.

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    Well first of all...might want to go over you thread before you post it. No flame bro..but that spelling needs help.

    Now about you question. You are best off doing cardio either first thing in the moring when you get up, or right after you've finished your workout. For a min. of 30 mins 3-4 times a week and then work up from there. In both of these situations your body has very low levels of carbs, and it will force itself to burn fat as energy. Thus getting you ripped. But what you have to remember is you can pound on that cardio all you want but if you don't have a strict diet to go along with it you are wasting you time.
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    I suck at spelling so i dont see much wrong with this thread.

    Anyway, Shredz is right on the money about the cardio.

    I do 25 mins post weights x 5. a slow jog at 4.7 mph for 2 miles or so.
    and 35 mins non weight days, even though now i work out 5 times a week so ive been lazy.

    Calculate your target heart rate ( everyones numbers are different) and do 70% or so of your max to burn fat.

    some do the "talk test" which is if you can talk normally but not sign you are burning fat at the right heart rate.

    i still do the treadmill but some love the climbers or the cross country ski machines, whatever gets your heart rate up for a long time.

    Welcome to AR btw!

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