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    Shoulder Clicking and Popping

    Well a few weeks ago a fractured a join in my elbow.. Its healing nicely. Been going to therapy and my grip is getting stronger but I still have a lot of pain up and down my arm when I do some everyday stuff which kind of worries me.

    Now the day before i hurt my elbow, I was doing chinups and i hurt my shoulder.. My shoulder was out for a while but now when I do basic pressing movements I hear clicking and popping noises. My friends cant even take the noise its so loud and creepy.

    Anyone have any idea whats wrong? Who would i go see about this? It doesnt hurt THAT much but the clicking and popping noises worries me.

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    one of my buddies has that problem w/ his ankles when he runs, he still runs 5K road races, so if it doesn't hurt don't worry about it, try glutamine for the joints in you arms/shoulder, get it checked out if you still are worrying though

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