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    i got a question about cutting up PLEASE HELP!!!

    ok i am about 198 lbs with 8-10 % bf ... i have a really good diet...
    i lift heavy , heavy, and more heavy ... because i wanna be just massive
    .. i have a 6 pack and u can kinda see the 8 pack... i am pretty cut .. but i dont do any cardio cause i am trying to get as big as i can

    so wut can i do .. i know cardio will burn fat and some muscle
    is there a way to get mass while getting cut and i notice in my diet i eat alot of cheese and bread so i am goin to cut those 2 things out

    i dont wanna juice either

    PLEASE guys help me


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    Everyones gonna tell you that thats not possible.
    You go one way or the other, get fat and gain muscle, lose fat and lose no muscle or little. You can regulate the fat gain by eating cleanly whlie doing mass workouts.

    Its what Im doing right now. Eat clean = little fat, + moderate muscle.

    With juice, I wouldnt know. But Its definetely possible.

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