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    I'm Screwed... !!!

    I was doing my warmup today for squats... the regular warmup is

    heavy set of 10
    heavy set of 8
    heavy set of 6
    heavy set of 4
    heavy set of 4

    I did the warmup fine and at 225x5 I fucked myself up... at the bottom of rep 4, my "thigh bone" poped out of my hip (hip joint) and I bottomed out on my cage... I can move my leg and walk... but the feeling is uncofortable and slightly painful when I squat down... I had noticed this pain about 2 weeks ago... I think it is from going to far over (bending foreward too much on squats and deads) and it incorporated my hips too much... so on the way up and down it would hurt... I was stupid and tried squatting today... and now I think I'm out for a while... has anyone ever had this happen before... it's like my tendons or connective tissue did not hold my hip in place...

    NOTE: I'm on a cutting diet... what should I do about it... I need to cut (comp coming up) should I just stick to leg extensions and curls for now...?

    peace, Luke.

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    Haven't had anything like this myself. And I don't know what the other bros think, but I say you should probably get it checked out before you do any more lower body training. I don't think you want to fu*k it up anymore. In this situation, I doubt it is worth the risk. Who knows, the doc may say all it needs is a couple of weeks of rest and then it'll be good to go. JMO, hope all is well quick.


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