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    Females and Benching

    Okay, so my g/f has been coming to the gym with me for some time now, normally just off doing the treadmill while i do my thing. Lately, however, (past six months) she's gotten into joining me in the weight room on certain days and even going on her own. Like every newbie, she loves the bench press and desperately wants to be able to max at 135 one day (she currently does 95 for 2-3 reps). I'm elated she wants to share this part of my life and have been impressed with the effort she has put in (she even takes some glutamine post workout now ).

    That being said, she definitely doesn't match my intensity, nor do i expect her to. I tried to get her to do some negatives at one point and her attempt and its results almost ended our relationship. Also, she is 6'0" tall, which i am sure will make it slightly more difficult to reach what i'm assuming, is a decent weight for a (non-powerlifting) female to handle). She weighs about 150 and has an athletic background - mostly field hockey and competitive skiing, so much of her strength resides in the lower body. WHile i believe it is possible for her to hit her goal, is there a specific way a female should approach such an endeavor that might differ from a male's...i'm thinking less sets and such. Would she benefit from bench-specific training such as partials, board benching, etc? Any help or suggestions, male or female, greatly appreciated.

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    I don't see why she would have to go about training different than a guy.

    Also if she's only been training with weights for 6 months her gains and her goal should come quickly with the right training.

    Thats just my take for a female opinion PM Little Girl I'm sure she'd be glad to help out.

    Good Luck,


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