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    what is considered too much cardio?

    I'm currently on the last few weeks of my cycle, and wanted to cut up a little bit and get rid of the fat that I gained while bulking. I'm going to do 2 weeks of clen then eca. I'm going to Hawaii Sept 16-23, so I'd really like to lose as much fat as possible to look good on the beach. I have the energy to do cardio 45-60 minutes in the morning and at night everyday if needed. I have also changed my diet around making it extremely clean w/ still high protein. Is cardio 2x a day, for 2 hours, every day, for a month too hard on my body?


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    more isn't always better, do interval workouts lasting 25-30 min. strips the most fat away, one hr. session per week, morning is the best time for me, and lift at night, if you have ne other questions feel free to PM me, good luck

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