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Thread: Calves

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    While i don't consider my calves bad at all (they measure 17" even with great vascularity year round on a 6'1" frame) they are unquestionably the bodypart that has made the least development since i began training, as they started off somewhat developed from years of using the strength shoes (those weird shoes with platforms on the toes) for basketball. For those who have made great strides in calf development, adding some size on after the initial burst that comes from beginning training, how did you go about it successfully? I try to vary the reps from workout to workout...this week (tonight actually) i hit the calves with real high reps (18-25) while next week i'll be in the 6-10 range.

    With guys like zane, arnold and pretty much everyone but matarazzo waxing on their early calf problems, i at least feel like i'm not unusual for running into this problem, but, nonetheless, would like to see some progress here.

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    I had a friend with the same problem in one of my classes at University. Dude tried everything but he swears by this....everynight before he went to bed, he would do 20 sets of 20 Calf Raises on his steps leading up to his bedroom with about 30-25 seconds rest. His calves grew like a mofo and the seperation was disgusting. I just takes a lot of discipline to force yourself to do calf raises before you hit the sack, but I guess you can fit them in whenever you want bro.

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    I agree with Ronny the Bull, however I really don't know about 20 sets everyday but; the calves must be trained under high intensity with high reps to promote growth.

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    try this for your cardio dayz do intervals w/ calf raises between during your resting time, it builds strength and size do like 40-50
    peace dude

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