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    why am i not gaining lbs? here at my stats as well

    i have been working out since janurary and when i first started out i gained like 3 lbs and improved my bicept size. but since then i have only gained 3 pounds i have made incredible staright gains but i am not getting any bigger now and i am not gaining anymore pounds. i work my ass off when i work out to and i dont over work the same muscle group. i am 128lbs ya i know im a light weight thats why im trying to gain lbs so i can get to 130 and 140 is my true goal. i do lots of pushups to get my pecks bigger and i do lots of curls for my bicepts and tons of sit ups for my abs. i take lots of protien and calcium pluts a multi vitimin i dont know why i am not gainng any pouds. im not like sticks either i am just light weight i hav a decent bicept size when i flex. but im not gaining the lbs and getting any bigger like i should. hope this makes sense. plz help. o and im about 5"8

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    I'm going to help you bro. First thing you need to do is find a good workout program. You sound like an ectomorph (one that has trouble gaining mass, I myself am like this), so try to find a hardgainer workout on the net that will suit you. Here is an example:

    Monday - PUSH
    bench press 5 x 6
    squat 5 x 7
    french press (also called skullcrusher, or arm extension) 5 x 6

    Tueday - rest

    Wednesday - PULL
    barbell row 5 x 6
    deadlift 5 x 6
    barbell curl 3 x 6

    Thursday - rest

    Friday - ABS and Forearms
    weighted crunch 3 x 20
    reverse crunch 3 x 20
    russian twist 3 x 20
    wrist curl 3 x 12
    reverse wrist curl 3 x 12

    Now, I know you are used to seeing workouts that are of big volume (lots of sets), as an ectomorph you have to work in low volume and always intense. You always have to work with heavy weights, and work in a 6 rep range (except for abs and forearms). You MUST take a lot of rest for your muscles and you have to EAT, EAT, EAT! I know it sounds tough but that's what you gotta do. Don't give up! Try to eat more than 4,000 calories a day, and don't do cardio (at most, give yourself two 20-minute, lowintensity sessions a week). You'll soon see some pounds come on. Don't give up bro, I know it can be depressing, us ectomorphs have crappy genetics but the good part: You might find it is easier for us to stay lean, so hey, that's not too bad, eh? Just try to understand your body, eat a lot of food (a lot of protein too), and hit the weights with short and intense sessions. Don't workout over an hour.

    I think that's about it, good luck man.

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    yeah you gotta work legs to put on mass, yeah it just takes time though to get results
    peace dude

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    You suppose get one 1 to 2 grams of protein per body weight. Try to eat every three hours if your hungry or not.

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    Everything that was said above is excellent. One thing though: when you are eating everything in the world, make sure you are getting carbs too. NOT JUST PROTEIN. If you are cursed like I am, then you will never get fat, so don't fall into the low carb scam.


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    also if you want to gain size lay off the high endurance exercises like push ups and shit .... just stick to free weights with hight weights and low reps

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    I agree with all the above ...

    as for your initial gains, it's very common to go through a growth spurt when you first start out, but then the gains will come MUCH SLOWER - you just have to keep at it, and lower the reps & up the weight like everyone said ...

    for me, I didn't start putting on the pounds until I upped my calorie intake ... I added a PB&J in the late morning and a can of Tuna in the afternoon ... at my age, my metabolism is slowing down and that's all I needed, but you may need more ...

    good luck, and give it time ... I'm afraid true good gains come slow

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    ill tell you a secret that works great for me.

    heres the big mass gaining workouts
    #1 Power Cleans - they are the best workout there is the gain mass through out your entire body, do them atleast 2 times a week.

    #2 Squats - alot of people hate them the most but they work the best for your legs, so work through the pain

    #3 Deadlifts - this is another one that people hate but again just do it!

    #4 Benching - just go extremely heavy with very little reps. you have to push yourself past your limit to see gains.

    Other tips: try some weight gainer they do work, dont ever stop taking the vitemans, and dont expect to see gains happen over night this stuff takes weeks and months.

    GoodLuck and remember Pain is temporary, Pride is forever

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