You guys gotta fucking be kidding me. I've seen replies on this board where people say that their workouts are the same off as on the juice. I can't believe that.

When I go to the gym I do about 3 sets of 6 or 7 exercises and by then i'm dead. Afterwards my body is drained. I have no energy. It's hard to carry the groceries into the house from the trunk of my car my muscles are so tired.

When I do juice it changes dramatically. I can do any workout and walk out of the gym feeling like I could do it again. I have the energy to do stuff like wash my car and clean the house. Without juice just going to the gym every other day depletes all the energy my muscles can generate.

If I could actually do a real workout and have energy left over then why in the hell would I need AAS???

What i'm talking about has only been the case since I turned about 34. before that I cold hammer out the big workouts and still have as much evergy as I did when I went into the gym. I didn't need - I didn't do AAS. But when I hit 34 the body hit a brick wall. With AAS I feel like I did before I was 34 and not on AAS.

Am I the only one or does any other "older than 35" people out there relate to me??????

I think this has alot to do with all the juice I did when I was younger - ages 20 thru 24. Are you youngsters reading this??? That's why i'm not posting this in the over 30 forum I want you youngsters to read and heed what I and everyone else has to say. Experience speaks louder than textbooks!!!