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    is this a good routine to get ripped as possible?

    monday ( am rite after i wake up ) chest
    3 sets dumbell presses flat
    3 sets dumbell incline
    3 sets dumbell decline super set with decline flyes
    3 sets of decline isolation machine
    3 sets of regular isolate machine
    3 sets incline isolation machine
    3 sets dips to failure

    pm workout -tris
    3 sets -close grip press
    3 sets -standng tri press
    3 sets behind the neck with dumbel
    3 sets tri pulldowns

    tuesday-am biceps
    3 sets barbell curls
    3 sets preacher curls
    3 sets reverse curls
    3 sets seated dumbell curls

    pm back
    3 sets lat pulldown
    3 ses dumbell rows
    3 sets tbar row
    3 sets chin up till failure

    wensday am legs
    3 sets squat
    3 sets leg press
    3 sets leg curls
    3 sets leg extensions
    pm off

    thursday am shoulders
    3 sets dumbell press
    3 sets behind the neck press
    3 sets side delt raise
    3 sets shrugs
    3 sets front delt raise

    pm off

    friday start over again .......i take sunday off

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    21 exercises for chest!!! holy shit thats too much IMO. cut it down to 12-15 max. the rest looks good (perhaps do back before bis)

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    The volume is WAY too high Bro, 21 sets for chest if i did that routine i would be ripped alright, i would still weight 150lbs and be wondering why i am not growing...i said it before and i'll say it again, there are so many better ways of building muscle mass (lean body mass) then volume training, more IS NOT better...that's it...enough said...XXL

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    I agree with the previous replies Bro. Too many sets for chest, and If you are going to use that type of routine, then you should add another day of rest during the week. JMO


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