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    Cool Advice on reps and sets

    Okay, here's what I'm doing for reps and sets. I'm trying to bulk.
    For Bench Press, Squats, and Deadlifts, I do 1x8, 1x6, 1x4, 1x3, 1x6, 1x8
    Most other exercizes I do 1x8, 2x6, 1x8, or 1x8, 2x6, 1x4

    You guys have any better ideas for sets and reps?

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    Are they all to faliure bro? If so that's quite a few sets!

    I think it's down to personal experience and what works best for you. For me higher reps work better, especially with my legs - I rarely go below 15 reps on legs.

    For everything else I don't go below 8 reps if I can help it, and often as many as 25 reps on the lighter sets.

    There's a higher risk of injury with lower rep sets that you should consider - a vital part of bodybuilding success is longevity...



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