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Thread: Time to Diet?

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    Time to Diet?

    Hey guys.

    I've been bulking for the last few months. Put on about 20 pounds with some creatine and a week of 1ad. Much of the weight is fat i believe because i now have pudgy little belly.

    I want to gain more muscle as i am only 5'8 160 right now but imo i look rediculous with this flab around the gut.

    Is it time for me to diet? If so, what's the best method to do this and for how long should the cutting cycle go. also, what's a reasonable amount of fat to lose and how much muscle would be lost?

    thanks for your replys


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    You should be dieting basically all year round, and depending on weither you are cutting or deiting down it is just bascially some adjustments to you intake of fats and carbs. I am not saying your diet should be super strick such as a contest prep cutting diet but your carbs, proteins and fats should be messured if you are looking for great results with as little as possible bf gain. It is a science and everyone is different. When you are on your bulking diet if it included eating everything in site then of course you can expect to gain some bf. What does your diet look like now?

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    My diet right now is basically eat 5 or 6 meals a day and pack as much protein as i can. I don't really restrict myself at all and have never because i've been skinny all my life and was never able to gain anything until now(i'm 30 very soon). That is why I"m clueless to dieting. I've never had to do it before.

    I do mild cardio from martial arts 5 days a week. but apparently that's not enough. I was thinking of waking up in the mornings alittle ealier for a light jog. Would that be good for my goals?

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