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    Question Abnormal lower back pains

    Hiya bro's

    Lately, the day after my back workout ,I have been feeling a vague pain in my lower back, it isn't stabbing pain, but i dont believe its stifness...
    This concerns me a little since i dont want permanent problems with my lower back...
    I'm trying to hold by back straight in all excercises i do
    (i do chin ups, low row, and other forms of rowing, behing neck pulldowns...) but still i get that pain...

    Can anyone help me find out what i could be doing wrong ?
    Thanks very much


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    Hey i wish i new what caused this to because i get a shooting pain in my lower back. I found if i do flat barbell bench and my form is off or my balance is off at all and i am not centered on the bench i will feel it the next day. After a back workout if i do not stretch long enough i will also get this pain...wish i knew more

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