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    How many sets per workout?

    Just wondering . . . there was a thread on how long a workout should be, but somedays I plug along quicker than other days, so time isn't a reliable gauge for me . . . So, working each bodypart once a week, how many sets per workout would you recommend?

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    9-10 for larger bodyparts, 6-7 for smaller bodyparts...but it all depends on what your body can or cant handle....

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    that varys alot man but a good principal of rule is to do more sets for large body parts than small,but small body parts you can do twice aweek without more thing dont be afraid of overtraining when it comes to legs though just go all out,most of us dont like doing legs but you got to em man

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    What kind of results are you looking for, im guessing you want to tone up? If you havent worked out in 26 years id stick to 3 sets of 12 for first month or so, then up the weight a little and do 3 sets 10. Do 3 exercises each for chest,back,shoulders, legs, 2 exercises each for bi's and tri's. After a couple months of this decide what you want to do, bulk up or tone up.

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    I usually wont try to do more than 10 sets in the whole workout - it depends on how you split it up. - I am doing a modified HIT program

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