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    Cardio before lifting weights?

    Does anybody know the downside to doing your cardio before you lift? I have been training for a race and have found that if I lift before I get my cardio in for the day, I am too beat to do it-- so I have started doing cardio first.
    I noticed that I am just as strong (if not stronger because I'm warmed up)- but I reach muscle failure much quicker.
    Is this a good trade off? hmmm
    I need some advice here

    as far as my goals go: I am trying to gain strength (not size) while getting leaner and gaining endurance.
    My cardio workout is a 3-4 mile run.

    Any suggestions what I could be doing differently?
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    if you can, make two seperate trips to the gym, perhaps do the cardio in the morning and workout in the evening, that way your body is not relying on the same energy source for both, cardio and lifting. You will feel a lot more refreshed and able to lift the same weights you were doing before without the premature muscle failure.

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