I am trying to perfect my workout or as close to perfect for bulking. Here is my schedule

Monday chest and tris:
Bench 6-5-4-3
decline 3x6
incline 3x6
db bench 3x6
skull crushers

Wednesdays legs and back
squat 6-5-4-3
hip sled 3x10
leg curls 3x10
rows 3x12
close grip rows 3x12
lat pull downs 3x12

Friday shoulders and traps and biceps
db shoulders 3x6
db incline 3x8
military press 3x8
db shrugs 3x10
side and forward db raises 3x10
curls 3x10
hammer curls 3x10

And there it is, i know there is a lot of adjustments to be made. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated, thanx