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    can you can size with little strength ^?

    is ti possible to gain size without gaining much strength......I mean on some exercises ive been lifting the same amount of weight since i was in high school and its been 2 years but i know i grown ALOT since high school because people keep on telling that ive grown.......Also recently peopel have told me that thrown on some size but the scale hasnt moved at all......Whats up with that......Im all natural so you think that im at my peak of growing now? and its time to try alternative methods or should i stick to natural for now

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    The leaner I get, more people tell me I am packing on size. Even with a shirt on. Maybe they can see progress I can't because I see my naked ass everyday. When people see big veins in my neck and forearms, they think I am putting on size. Size is partly an illusion, no doubt about it.

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    Happened with me.Size and strenght need not go in hand.In my case,in the beginning of my training I found that strength gains seemed to preceed size gains,now (1.5 years down) the opposite seems to happen.Dunno why though.Just an observation.

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