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    arms from front view need help

    im wonderin what would help my arms from the front view look bigger? it seems like from the side view they gettin bigger but from the front view they look alot smaller. is there any exercises i can do to help this?

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    i have the exact opposite problem. biceps look big from front, but small from side. i think its genetics. what your bicep workout look like?

    here is mine:
    preacher (wide and narrow grip on ez bar)
    standing straightbar (kinda narrow grip)
    1-handed cable curls
    machine curls

    each exercise, i do 3 sets, 8 reps on the 1st set, and 6 reps on the remaining two sets with heavy weight.

    again, i think its purely genetics. my friend does the same routine with me and for about the same time but with less weight and his arms look totally different. we weigh the same also and are same height.

    clocky baby

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