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    BEAT chest...HELP!

    I have been lifting for two years now seriously and everything is getting bigger.......except my chest. I figure that most of this is due to my genetics, all the men in the family have huge shoulders and small chests. I switched my chest workout to alot of flyes and mostly dumbells. My chest is getting a little bigger but still isn't keeping up with my shoulders which are getting over developed more and more every week. I'm bulking right now and im gaining weight everywhere but my chest is remaining flat. Please help me guys

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    Make sure u are doing the negatives slowly.Also when benching pause the weight and "feel" the stretch.Also squeeze at the top of the movement.It is likely that ur naturally strong shoulders are taking too much of the load while benching.Try weighted dips and also try switching to a power lifting kinda routine for sometime(helped me).Basically experiment,experiment ,experiment..find out what works for u.Just my 2 cents.

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    Well, you could try to pre-exaust your pecs before you hit the bench press. Do 4 x 10 dumbell flys, then hit your chest hard on the bench. The reason behind this is, typically, your tricepts, being the smaller muscle, will get tired before your chest. By Pre-exuasting the chest, it is already tired before you even start your heavy chest work. Thus, it recieves a better work out than it normally would. Try this if your chest is lagging.

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    beleive it or not but after 6 years of work-out and terrible results on the chest ,It started growing when I totaly quit doing flat-bench bar-press....
    do the machine or dumbells instead....

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