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    Question about an exercise in "blood & guts"

    For those of you who have seen Dorian Yates' video, I believe it's the first exercise on his back day, he sits down in a seated machine and grabs a bar that is above his head in a supinated grip and pulls down to his midsection, are these pull-overs? anyways i did back day yesterday and I thought I'd try these, didn't really get a good pump or any sensation from them, but oh god are my abs tight today, feel amazing, is this an ab or a back exercise? and i didn't train abs at all.


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    I haven't seen the video, but i think you're describing the machine/nautilus pullover. It takes a good degree of concentration to get it to hit your least to a degree that warrants their replacing barbell rows, pulldowns, or any other solid back exercise...of course, i think these should only be done after your back is close to fatigued (though dorian knows a hell of a lot more than me...i'm thinking maybe he did it as a warmup perhaps...since you can hit the back without wearing out the biceps in this manner). Also, the things infamous for providing an ancillary ab workout, since you have to fight with your midsection the whole time to remain "upright".

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    hehehehe vice.....keep one thing on mind....
    just like 40 lbs turbos and 200 hp nitrous shots work wonders on funny cars it don't mean it will help your car other than make the head blow thru the hood..
    in the same token I've seen some $hit pro's do and there is no way it will work for me.....
    I usually stick with the conventional stuff...try thing for 2-3 months and see how they work....

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