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    each muscle group each week question

    I want to start training each muscle group once a week and I am wondering if there is a particular order for each that would be best for muscle growth and so I won't be over training any group. Please help, your input would be great. THANK YOU novernine.

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    what kind of training experiance do you have? how long have you been training? and what was yout training like before?

    This is how my workouts go, i train bi's and tri's usually twice a week!! but other then that i am 1 muscle group each week

    Mondays, chest and triceps
    tuessday's back and biceps
    wensdays shoulders and triceps
    thursdays just cardio and some biceps
    fridays legs
    saturday off
    sunday off

    maybe i will do intense cardio on weeknds but usualy not , my legs are too sore. i do abbs every other day. and i do 15-20 minutes of fast paced walking every workout day for cardio and fat burn, 60% of calories burned from walking fast come from fat storage.

    I have found this work out routine excellent and has worked for me to gain massive strenght and growth. you could substitue working biceps and triceps on the day i do chest or shoulders or back and do biceps and triceps on thursdays to have worked each griup once a week.

    Hope this helped you out but if you normally do circuit training your goona hate working each body part only once per week.

    good luck too you!!!!!

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