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    squaters ass... its not getting chicks

    i'm almost done my bulking cycle, i've gained a little over 20 pounds...ten of which i am almost positive are hanging out right in my ass. My friends are telling me its normal from squats and once i start cutting most of it will leave but for now my ass will barely fit in my pants. Its to the point where my mom has commented on it, which means that all girls are noticing it. Is there anything i can do because I am not about to stop my intense leg training?

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    Bro, I got a squatters ass and unless its 50% fat you should have no problems.
    1) Dont squeeze your glutes in the squats.
    2) Use a narrower stance as I believe that takes pressure away from glutes and hams.

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    As big Dan said, use a narrow stance a little less than a shoulder width apart and toes facing forward not angled out. That should hit your quads more. Do the same for leg press.

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