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    6-12-25...huge bi's and tri's?

    There was an article in muscular development saying that for growth in your arms give the 6-12-25 method a try. Its a controlled drop set where you will start with 6 reps, then your 12, and then the 25 taking only a ten second break in between. The cycle repeats for 3 times with a two minute break in between. The article says traines report "superb" gains. Has anyone used this method before and if so was this your whole biceps or triceps workout, or would you move on afterwards to something else lifting light weight due to the obvious muscle fatigue?

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    I have used that method before and it's worked well for a crazy burn/pump. However, IMO, it's only good to use once a month. If you abuse it, 1) your muscle will never fully repair, 2) Muscle memory will f*ck you up in the end. Just use it once a month and it'll do good to mess around with your neurons and stimulate growth.

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    1,118's good to throw in for your last excercise of the session. This isn't a method that I'd use for all excercises in a routine.


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