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    Talking Another ab question?

    i just got hydroxy then other day and want to use it to see if it will help my abs show up better. like i have a little bit of lose skin that i want to tighten up. i do cardio three days aweek now,my thing is that i worry about is- i don't want to get skinny though-just want the section near my belly button tighter and around my six pack. will i get to skinny? i weigh 155-160 right now and have a hard time gaining weight and thats the only place i need a little help with. will this do the trick?

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    What are you stats? height?

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    when you say hydroxy, do you mean the eca stack-- that might not be exactly what you want. That will make you burn more calories and since you are lean everwhere elses to begin with, it might make you skinnier than you would like. Plus, burning all those extra calories isn't going to help you put on muscle if you are trying to gain weight, it is only going to make it harder. You might want to try yohimbe as a fat burner. The kind that you put on your skin. If you really only do have a little bit of fat in only that one place, yohimbe is a good way to reduce fat in that one area. You just rub it on the skin in are area you are trying to target. You can order it from

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    What is the theory behind yohimbe that can defy the myth of spot reduction?

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