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Thread: Who Wants Legs?

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    Who Wants Legs?

    I posted one of my leg routines a while back. So, here is another killer one. I now do quads on one day and hams the very next. Obviously you will have to adjust the weights.

    Last night:
    Freeweight Hacksquat
    135 for 10 reps
    225 for 10 reps
    3 sets of 315 for 10 reps

    Close Stance Squats (on smith machine to allow for very close stance)
    225 for 15 reps
    315 for 12 reps
    405 for 10 reps
    495 for 8 reps
    585 for 4 reps plus 4 forced reps
    315 for 15 reps

    Leg Extensions
    3 sets of 250(stack) for 12 reps

    This morning:
    A couple sets of leg curls to warmup
    Walking Lunges (1 set = 20 steps, 10 each leg)
    1 set, no weight
    1 set, 50lb dumbells
    1 set, 75lb dumbells
    1 set, 100lb dumbells
    1 set, 110lb dumbells

    Straight-leg Deadlifts
    135 for 10 reps
    315 for 10 reps
    315 for 10 reps
    365 for 8 reps

    Leg Curls (squeezing a dumbell between feet on a bench)
    3 sets of 10 reps with 60 lb dumbell

    Just watch them grow!


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    Wow thats is awesome. . . those wheels have no choice but to grow.

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    Anyone want serious pain try this. . . !!!

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    Sounds good, however i find lunges work my quads harder than hams, but sounds like good work. I also find having a different day for hams is good idea I do quads on monday and hams with back on wed. Here what i do:

    hacks w. feet touching, 1 plate per side x 15, 2 per side 10, 3 per side for 10 x 4 sets, ass to heels

    Leg press:

    8 plates per side x 20 reps, 12 per side x 15 reps x 4 sets


    225x20, 315x10, 365x10, 405x6, 315x10 2 sets

    Extentions 3 sets w/ 3 drops on each set

    FOr hams(after back)

    Laying legs curls: 120x20, 130x15, 160x10 x 3 sets

    Stiff legs deads:
    225x10, 315x10, 365x6 x 2 sets, 315x 10

    seated legs curls

    3 sets, 140-200lbs 20-12 reps w/ drop x 3 on last.

    SO far I have been making good process with this routine however i usually always change at least one exercise per workout or reps or weight, just so always a tad different.

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