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    Question Right Pec bigger than left Pec

    Here's my thread from a week or so ago. You can see in the later pictures My right pec is bigger than the other.

    I have also hit somewhat of a platue in my flat bench. I train Chest once a week. My bench routine has gone like this for the last 3 weeks or so: 135 warm up, 185x10-12, 205x8-10, 225x4-6, 185x 8, 135 cool down. I wanna grow on the old bench. It seems to have been a problem with me for years. What do I do? I ussually do flat bench, Incline dumbells, Incline flys, flat bench flys, sometimes I interchange Pec dec or crossovers with some of these other lifts. Ussually 4 exercises with 4-6 set per exercise (4 with most), 6 or more on flat bench. How about push ups in the eve after a chest day?? Any suggestions? All my other lifts are jumping like crazy.

    I'm in week 6 of sust/deca /fina cycle, and wanna grow more! Gve me some advice. Thanks

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    Try flat bench db presses.

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