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    what do u think about ruhl's workouts?

    in flex they got like 40 pages of shock workouts. markus ruhl has his workout routine in there, which from reading it sounds like these are actually his regular routines. just wanted to know if anyone saw this and what their opinion was, i doubt could ever he attempt most of his workouts, here a couple samples


    exercise sets reps

    flat bench press 10-12 3-4
    incline barbell press 6-8 6-8
    flat DB press 5 6-8
    dips 3 8-12


    squats 10-12 3-30
    leg presses 6-8 6-20
    leg xtension 6-8 6-20
    stiff-leg deadlifts 6-8 10-12
    leg curls 10-12 6-12


    barbell rows 10-12 3-12
    pully rows 6-8 6-8
    t-bars 5 6-8
    wide grip chins 5 10-12
    hammer strength rows 4 10-12

    i'm a lil tired of typing this out by now but one ironic thing i noticed is that his biceps workout is 28 sets while his triceps workout is 26 sets, i could be wrong but i would think that generally cuz his biceps are so big they make his triceps look tiny and overall his arms look a bit unproportional because of his biceps, so one would think he'd scale down a few sets on biceps and make a drastic increase in the # of sets for triceps. i'm not very familiar with this type of high volume training so i could be wrong, well anyways just wanted to know if anyone was as blown away by these workouts as i was.

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    OK we have a new winner for the most useless thread!

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