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    Other oblique exercises...

    Anybody have any good oblique exercises other then seated and bent over twists. I don't like using weight because I just want to tighten and firm and keep my narrow waist.

    Also if anybody has any good inercostal/serratus exercises please post.

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    Bump. I want to know this as well

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    These two work very well for me. Be careful because they can put a lot of stress on the low back, especially the second one.

    1. Lay down on side placing upper arm flat on the ground while grabbing side. Kinda like a little kid with a tummyache. This allows you to balance yourself. Place other hand behind your head like a situp. With legs straight and together, slowly raise legs about 8"-12" off the ground and slowly lower them. This consistutes one rep. Work these in with your ab workouts. You can add ankle weights if you want to make them more difficult.

    2. Lay down on your back with your legs up at a 90 degree angle. Bend your knees a little so you don't get a hammy stretch. This way you concentrate on your obliques. Then lower your legs sideways until your right foot touches the ground. Make sure to remain bent at the waist. Bring you legs back up and repeat movement on opposite side. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to keep movements very slow and controlled, because this really exposes your low back to injury. Done well, though, I don't know of anything that works obliques better.

    Let me know if I didn't explain these very well. it was a lot harder to put them into words than I initially anticipated !

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