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    How to "spot" squat exercise properly???

    alot of guys "spot" me different ways when i ask them to spot me in the gym. i wanna know what is the best way to "spot" squating exercise.

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    wouldn't you like to know
    This is what i do on a "max" squat. It gives the squatter more confidence:

    i'll squat down in a squat stance just like my partner. Then i'll grab his shirt right under his pecs. I press firmly against his lower pecs, but not too hard. I'll squat up and down with him and give him help when he needs it.
    It may look funny, but hell i've seen stranger things in the gym

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    The way TeenPL mentioned is the only way I like people to spot me and that's the way I spot as well. Makes me feel more secure when I'm struggling. I don't care if it looks funny or not.

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    Yeah and for super heavy sets you can ask 2 guys to stand on the sides just in case.
    And who cares what people thinks it looks? I couldnt care less when im at the gym!

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