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    Peter Cisco-"Training-Once-Every-3 wks-Theory"

    Guys tell me what ya think about this one. I frequent daily because for their wealth of useful and entertaining articles. Every thursday they have a special weight training article written by Peter Sisco. For those of you who never heard of him, he supposedly invented the idea of Static Contraction. Anyway, in one of his articles he claimed that someone working out once every nine days would make quicker strength and muscle gains then someone working out three days a week. The reasoning behind his theory is that your body cannot grow muscle while its trying to recover. Therefore, training 3 days a week is unnecassary. He went on to say that some of his advanced lifters and competitive bodybuilders train a bodypart maybe once every 3 weeks.
    How many people think this guy is maybe on to something or just on something...Is he a crock of shit or what?

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    He is also an advocate of Power Factor training. Does he discus that as a basis for recovery in the article? Using the Power Factor of a workout to determine recovery... Takeing a lot of rest time is neceessary for high intensity. But for lower intensity workouts that would not make sense at all... atrophy would surley set in after 3 weeks unless some juice was added to the equation. Just how intense of a workout is he suggesting to follow up with a long rest? Probably not a basic Positions of Flexion or GVT workout.

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