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    alcohol and muscular development

    does alcohol actually inhibit muscular development? i mean besides making you lazy and not wanting to go to the gym? i'm in college and very frequently, i'll come home from the gym, drink my protein smoothie, then a couple hours later start drinking some. most of the time, i only get toasty not drunk...but sometimes i do.

    a fem friend of mine told me that getting drunk dehydrates you (and your muscles) thus making you more sore after a hard workout. being more sore is better right? so we should all get smashed after a hardwork out so we get more sore the next day, right?

    so i guess my question is: does alcohol in your blood stream actually inhibit the reconstruction of your muscle tissue after it has been broken down?

    opinions? comments?

    -- clocky baby

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    i read it can lwer protein synthesis by 30%, but only in chronic users. otherwise 1 or 2 beers aday is healthy. franco columbo drank 1-2 beers everyday while training for the Mr. O. (and winning it)

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    Hehe, I think clockie usually has more than one or two

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    damn.... i just came off a 25 day binge (stupid bet...) no shit i havnt been getting goo workouts... we've been goin through like a gallon of vodka a week at least

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    one of the downsides is that is seriously depletes your liver glycogen stores, and results in a usually shitty workout the next day. I actually rearranged my workout schedule around my drinking habits so I can have better workouts on my lagging body parts.

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    just a gallon lightning???

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