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    Back to Basics Split

    My last football season is over, and as usual, lost about 15 pounds over the season, and i feel tiny. My lifting during the season was very basic maintenance, and bruised cartilage in my sternum limited my range of motion, especially my chest movements. I just want to get pumped again, and come off of that beat-up feeling which i had all season. Any suggestions for my split, or to help me get back to my old form is appreciated.

    flat dumbell press, 4 x 8 reps
    incline press, 4 x 8 reps
    dumbell flys, 4 x 10 reps
    skullcrushers 4 x 8
    close grip bench 4 x 8
    one arm dumbell overhead 4 x 8

    squats, 4x 8-10 reps
    lunges dumbell, 4 x 8
    hamstring extensions, 4 x 8
    quad extensions, 4 x 8

    -back/ bi's
    dbell rows, 8 x 4
    cable rows, 10 x 4
    dead lifts, 8 reps x 4
    alternating dbell curls, 8 x 4
    preacher curls, 6-10 x 4
    alternating hammers, same

    dbell press, 8 x 4
    standing military press not behind back, 8 x 4
    lateral flies 4 x 8
    front flies 4x 8
    shrugs 4 x 12

    toe touches 3 x 30
    leg lifts 3 x 30
    shit squats 3 x 20
    burnout calve raises
    wrist curls 4 x 8
    grip 4 x 8

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    A bro Your training looks pretty good there only a few thing i would change. First i would recommend only doing one bodypart a day. start with chest, next day back, legs bi's and lastly tri's.after three days i would take a rest day.Calves and abs i would do everyday,unless they grow well for you.Then i would recommend pyramiding down: 12, 10 then the last three to failure.


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