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    Talking how many hrs should u wait till you workout the same muscle group again?

    how many hrs can u wait till you workout the same muscle group again? so it can recover properly. also how many hrs can you wait to work out the same muscle group while on steriods ?

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    the longer you wait the more you grow.
    when you train a muscle you are tearing it down then soreness sets in---the next day or even next if worked deep muscle fibers
    when the pain goes away from training a muscle thats when growth starts

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    Personally, I have 2 wait 3-4 days in before working the same muscle group.

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    The length of recovery time varies with respect to the type of activity performed and the intensity at which it is performed. I estimate a general guideline for a high intensity workout would be

    cardio 8hrs
    strength focused 24hrs
    hypertrophy focused 36hrs

    I would assume a deviation of about +-10% of these times based on other factors such as training experience, amount of rest prior to activity, glycogen level, hydration level etc. This is a look at the tip of the iceburg as far as supercompensation theory goes. But it is a good general guideline to follow. Does anyone know of studies or theories on supercompensation factoring in AS?

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    I usually hit each muscle group every 7 days. Except small muscle groups like abs, calves, forearms which I do every other day. On the gear I used to do each muscle group twice a week but this last time stuck with every 7 days and got better results....I believe there are basic rules but again everyone is different and recover at different rates.

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    like big texan, i work out one muscle group per week, except for forearms which i do twice per week. sometimes i do biceps twice a week because outta all my muscle, they get the least sore.

    -- clocky baby

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    Originally posted by chicamahomico
    Does anyone know of studies or theories on supercompensation factoring in AS?
    Since overtraining is less likley and protein syntesis is through the roof you could figure in quicker recovery with a greater level of supercompensation and less likely to hit performance deteriation.

    But how soon you would hit deteriation while on AAS is a very good question. One that I am trying to play with. Since the compensation curve would seem to be greater and supercompensation with a higher peak - would the involution phase (returning to a normal biological state - no performance increase) be delayed? I would think it would since the compensation phase would seem to be a higher curve. And hitting supercompensation would be easier - but hitting it on it's peak is the thing.

    Do you know of any studies done on how AAS effects recovery? It is easy to assume it is faster but trying to figure out how it effects the supercompensation cycle is a tough one...

    I am figureing about a day less needed for recovery... but would that mean small muscle groups like biceps could be worked again at a higher intensity a day after a low intensity Bicep workout?

    What have you noticed for recovery and hitting greater performance the next workout?

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