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    Question off days while on gear

    if you work each muscle group seperate, for example
    mon chest
    tues shoulders
    wed back
    thurs arms
    fri legs
    is it necessary to take a day off, or can you just start again with chest on sat? i know everyone is different, but im wondering if anyone does this while on gear

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    bronzebeefcake is offline Associate Member
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    Go with how your body feels...I do it when Im on, but usualy get a day rest depending on how Ive recovered..

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    I agree with the instinctive aproach. But if you want to work in a seven day split i would suggest verying your intensity or you will be subject to overtraining. Alternate light and heavy days for your bodyparts.

    If you fail to gain what you were hoping for or start feeling sluggish then you should backdown and add more rest or more light days. It also depends on your trianing history and level (beginner, intermediate or advanced).

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    thanks for the help bros

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